Our Team

rLoop is comprised of over 100 members representing more than 14 countries.

We believe in the power of open source collaboration. It’s our driving ethos, our catalyst for innovation, and our means to exponential growth. We believe individuals can have a massive impact when their passion is their incentive, and when they know they are making a difference.

We believe the time to revolutionize transportation and bring the world closer together is here, and we are the team that is making it a reality.

Brent Lessard

Project Manager, Canada

Ilyas Vali

Assistant Project Manager, UK

Thomas Lambot

Engineering Lead, Belgium/USA

Michael Cook

Mechanical Lead, New Zealand

Charley Paulus

Systems Engineering Lead, USA

Scott Leonard

Structures-Aerodynamics Lead, USA

Mohd Amir Hasan Khan

Numerical Simulation Lead, India

Ryan Lei

Manufacturing Lead, USA

Dario Santandrea

Thermal Lead, Italy

Shabab Hussain

Industrial Design Lead, Hong Kong

David Corrigan

Software Lead, USA

Lachlan Grogan

Electrical Lead, Australia

Richard P. Behiel

PR Lead, USA

Rebecca Zhuo

Social Media Lead, USA

Ari Porad

IT Lead, USA

Matthew Marshall

Finance Lead, Canada

Gregory Georgianna

Video Lead, USA

Eoghan Kidney

Creative Media Lead, Ireland

Jason Belzer

Business Development Lead, USA

Ralph Blumbeerg

Assistant Mechanical Lead, USA

Grady Hofstetter

Manufacturing, USA

Frank Zhao

Electrical, USA

Denis Tudor

Control, Romania

Kuren Patel

Mechanical/Aerodynamics, USA

Aaron Camere

Controls and Electronics, USA

Alex Hale

Social Media, UK

José Peña

Thermal, Spain

Larry Joseph "Joey" Sharette Jr.

Manufacturing, USA

Kyle Zienin

Systems Engineering, USA

Alex Gaesser

Manufacturing, USA

Jasper Beckers

Mechanical, Netherlands

Rohit Jain

Mechanical, India

Gabriel Korgood

Aerodynamics, USA

Chris Smith

Aerodynamics, USA

DartKen Poon

Aerodynamics, UK/Taiwan

Corey Stein

Aerodynamics, USA

Peter Stephan Gschladt

Systems, Germany

Kevin Miller

Aerodynamics/Mechanical, USA

Clarence Akagu

Mechanical/Manufacturing, Nigeria

Michael Elmore

Numerical Simulation, USA

Nick Pope

Manufacturing, USA

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